Market Update January 2021

After such a shocking year in 2020 with COVID19 and the news reports threatening a severe decline in property values, prices remain 31% higher than they were five years ago.

With the government announcing that we are now officially out of recession, buyers and sellers will begin to have more confidence in property transactions. In some areas, COVID hasn’t really affected the housing market at all with buyers looking to move out of cities into more regional areas.

With interest rates at an all-time low and fewer listings on the market, having more buyers creates competition and ultimately achieves higher sale prices.

We do know though, house prices are relative; if you are looking to sell in a lower market,...

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Would you sell your home if you didn't have to put it on the market?

Some people prefer privacy when it comes to selling their home. It can be daunting to put your property on the market, but would you sell if:
- You found the right buyer without actually putting your property on the market
- You didn’t have to go through the open homes inspection process
- You discovered your house was worth more than you thought
- You found the home of your dreams?

We can tailor your selling process to be as comfortable and non-intrusive as possible. We hold a database filled with eager buyers. To begin the process, we cross-reference your property with our buyer database, contacting those highly motivated buyers to advise of your ‘silent listing’.

We pride ourselves...

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House Prices in 2021

At the onset of the pandemic, it was envisaged that property would decline nationally by 10 per cent, with some predicting up to 33%.

House prices, however, rose by 3% IN Sydney in 2020 which shows that due to record low interest rates, together with management of the Covid virus spread here in Australia, the market has been resilient. House prices are expected to rise in 2021 by an average of 5%.

With the outlook being much brighter than anticipated, if you are thinking of moving then clearly you are in safe hands. We are your honest and reliable agency who will ‘work for you’ to achieve the best possible outcome.

Give us a call today to discuss your real estate...

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