You will need to think about the method sale that you would like to use, ie Private Treaty or Auction.

Benefits of Auction:

Auctions attract more buyers as they aren’t deterred by an asking price
- The auction date creates a sense of urgency
- You are protected by a reserve price
- There is no ceiling price
- At auction, once it is sold, it goes straight into an unconditional sale.

Benefits of Private Treaty
- A fixed price makes it easy for buyers
- The price can be adjusted through the marketing campaign
- Tried and tested style of marketing
- It helps guide buyers in deciding on an offer.

We will prepare your tailored marketing plan for you but it will most likely incorporate a mixture of photography, signage, brochures, online advertising, digital marketing and print media.

You will be provided with a choice of marketing options so that you can select the most appropriate package for you.

Your agent will be in touch with you on a regular basis, keeping you informed every step of the way.

They will ask you which method of contact you prefer and after each open home, will contact you to discuss numbers, feedback and answer any questions. You will be contacted to discuss any changes to marketing recommended and will also receive a weekly report via email which will show numbers of buyers through the open homes, enquiry activity and feedback from buyers.

Absolutely! All offers will be presented to you either over the phone or face to face.

You can discuss all elements of the offer with your agent and can take as much time as needed to confirm whether it is acceptable to you. Your agent works in your best interests at all times.

Once an offer has been accepted and a 0.25% deposit has been paid by the buyer, you will enter into a cooling off period. This will end at 5pm on the fifth business day after exchange of contracts.

Settlement happens approximately 6 weeks after exchange.

More commonly, solicitors will use PEXA to electronically exchange funds to all parties without the need for physical funds to reach the other parties. PEXA lodges with the Land Registry and finalises the sale process.

Once settlement is complete, you will be notified by your agent and congratulated on your sale!

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